A Cost Effective Way to Have a Beautiful Lawn

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If you think that artificial grass is that rug-like-looking horrible green stuff used in 1970’s era football stadiums (Astro Turf), think again!  As reported in our previous blog, there have been major strides made in the world of artificial grass and now artificial grass is being installed in residential, commercial, and recreational areas all over the country.

The biggest obvious benefit of artificial lawn is the price. When it comes to artificial grass, cost is a one-time expense. Once an artificial lawn is installed, there are no additional expenses in order to maintain its appearance. With an artificial lawn, it is maintenance free. You do not need to cut it, water it, or fertilize it. You save unlimited amounts of water. In addition, untold amounts of money is saved since the normal costs of maintaining the “natural appearance” of living grass is no longer a requirement.  Just imagine no more expensive lawn equipment, chemicals, and maintenance help!

Your artificial lawn will not scorch in the summer or freeze during the winter. While  owners of living grass lawns are replacing and repairing theirs yards each spring, artificial lawn owners have the luxury of deciding what to do with their maintenance-free time. If you didn’t have to deal with your grass yard, you could spend more time actually enjoying it! Instead of cutting the grass, you could play with your kids or dog. Or, instead of laying down new sod, you could host a barbecue. Wow!  The possibilities are endless.

Landscaping With Synthetic Turf


A Beautiful Front Yard from Curb to Door With No Upkeep or Expense = Added Value

Artificial grass turf surfaces are a highly customizable addition to any landscape project whether residential or commercial. Artificial grass is great for landscaping because there are so many turf products now available which can be used for an array of landscape projects regardless of size, shape, or surface. Due to the fact that artificial turf can blend well with any other landscape surface, including sand, stone, brick, tile, it is  a wonderfully revolutionary surface for the landscaping industry. Aside from its versatility, there are many benefits that make artificial grass ideal for landscape projects.

Not only are water bills reduce, but time and effort is saved by having artificial grass. Artificial grass stays healthy, lush, and green throughout the entire year – a trait that is desired by many with harsh environmental elements, seasonal changes, or other troublesome issues concerning the look and health of natural grass. It does not dry out or die out with extreme weather conditions, such as scorching heat or rain and flooding. With its state-of-the-art drainage system that allows liquids and water to easily permeate through the turf, draining is completely manual and effective. With its ability to drain horizontally and vertically, the growth of bacteria and spores is prevented.  This adds up to profound savings for both residential owners and commercial businesses.

With no dirt or mud, artificial grass is a very clean surface. A special infill system is used to both cushion and help artificial grass remain natural and healthy in appearance. The small particles that make up the infill help create a softness and comfort for both low to high traffic areas. New artificial grass products are impressively designed for durability and function. With intricate yarn composition and strong backings, modern artificial turf is engineered to withstand a good amount of traffic as well as sports and recreational activities. Its durability can be beneficial for playground landscaping as well as for home landscaping for households with pets. Even rough play and digging do not harm artificial grass because of its unique design. Since it is also non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, artificial grass products are completely friendly for both children and pets making it ideal for virtually all households.


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A Real Happy Camper

Artificial grass gives any landscaped area a clean and manicured look without feeling or looking fake. With its versatility, it can be blended and customized to fit any area. With its being virtually maintenance free and its ability to look lush and healthy throughout the entire year, artificial grass is the ultimate revolutionary and technologically advanced landscape surface. Artificial not only saves costs including maintenance time, but it also helps the environment.  This is a win-win situation!

Some not-to-pleasant thoughts for serious consideration:  Owners of natural grass have to contend with a variety of  problems that are associated with lawns including grubs and insects that eat away at the grass resulting in dead patches of grass.  Moreover, these grubs are the delicacy of certain nocturnal animals such as skunks, raccoons, and others who come searching for these larvae and destroy your lawn.  In order to achieve lawn perfection, a gardener will find it necessary to lay down a special soil aggregate that contains the perfect nutrients and drainage conditions for that particular variety of grass.The weeds will have to be kept at bay and for large lawns that’s done with a regular herbicide spray. In order to avoid beetles and other pests devastating the lawn, an additional spray of a pesticide is required.

And if that isn’t enough, the fantasy of rich green grass isn’t realistically achievable without serious WATERING and in Southern California and especially in our part of the world, SAN DIEGO, we’re talking about an excess usage of water. The most intelligent and responsible way to satisfy the needs of having a beautiful, functional, and cost effective lawn, is to have synthetic artificial turf installed by your local professional, SMART SCAPES, INC.


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