Artificial grass/turf is the ideal product for customers with pets in their households.  Many customers ask if artificial grass is “pet friendly.”  The unequivocal and resounding answer is “YES!”  Following are some of the benefits that artificial grass offers “Mans Best Friend” and his human “Parent.”

1. No more muddy paws and mess being brought into the house.

2. No more bare or worn patches of grass. The artificial grass will not wear along your pet’s favorite paths in the garden

3. Hygienic Benefits: Urine will wash through the artificial grass just like normal grass. Feces will need to be scooped up and disposed of. Then a quick hose down of the artificial grass to remove any traces. If you are worried about odors and general cleanliness disinfectant sprays can be recommended.

4. Deters digging. Dogs usually dig because of odors from the within the turf or, just as commonly, to bury things. With artificial grass the odors are minimized and even if your dog tried to dig he would find the artificial grass too strong to penetrate. Think about how artificial grass is designed to withstand the wear and tear of a game of football and then you can appreciate how it will deter your dog from digging.

5. Artificial grass with a sand infill is non– toxic which is important when considering your dog or other pets. Artificial grass is generally anti-microbial so micro organisms and bacteria find it difficult to establish themselves. In all aspects artificial grass is a more hygienic environment than natural grass.

6.  Artificial grass is generally not attractive to insects since they can’t eat it! Ticks and fleas tend to stay away also.  Bravo!

7. Properly installed artificial grass will allow rain water to drain away quickly. This helps to ensure that your lawn is always available for your dog or other pets to play on. They will love you for it!

In conclusion, your pets will be happy on artificial grass and they will thrive.  And you, the considerate pet owner, will have less to worry about. A better lifestyle for everyone


Three friends romp on their pet friendly artificial turf.